Process Hero

Buying a Nomadic Tiny Home. Step by step

Below we have outlined every step you will take before moving into your new Nomadic Tiny Home. Of course, we’ll be with you on every step of this journey, making the process as clear and smooth as possible.

1. Choose the house model

Choose between one of our tiny home models. We’ll have a consultation with you to make sure you choose the best possible model based on your needs and preferences. During this phase you can decide on the add-ons for your house, including  deck terrace, skyline window, etc.

  • Consult with our team
  • Choose your model
  • Choose your add-ons

2. Sign the contract

Once the initial consultation stage is complete and we have agreed on all details of your house, it’s time to review and sign the purchasing contract. At this point,  you make your first payment and we start sourcing the required materials.

  • Sign the contract
  • Make the first payment (20%)

3. We build your house

We start building your new tiny home on wheels. Once we have completed the structure and before we begin the interior finishings and furniture instalation, you will make the payment for this stage.

  • We finalize your house structure
  • You make the second payment (40%)

4. We ship your house

10-12 weeks after the purchasing contract is signed, the manufacturing process will be complete. Before we ship house to your location, you will need to make the final payment. As soon as we receive this payment, we will ship the house to your desired location.

  • Manufacturing is completed
  • Make the final payment (40%)
  • House is shipped to you

5. Thorough handover

Once the house arrives at your location, we will do a thorough handover, providing you with all house warranties and quality certifications.

  • House inspection and handover
  • You’re ready to move in!